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As a new fellowship, FBC is offering a gratis year to those currently certified as biblical counselors through either IABC or ACBC.  Please email and ask for further information, or submit the Application for those with Current Certification. 

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 Jeff Colon

Jeff Colon

Co Director

Bob Froese

Bob Froese

Co Director of the Fellowship of Biblical Counselors, PhD in Biblical Counseling


Years ago, the Lord moved my wife Ruth and me away from worldly theories and philosophies to fully trust what God says in the Scriptures about life and godliness. As we've worked together in biblical counseling, we've been overwhelmed and awestruck by the power of that Word. Beginning with us, we've seen many grow in joyful hope and glorious peace.

For me, biblical counseling is not an arms-length study but an up-close, personal evaluation of my own walk with the Lord and His Word, and it leaves me overflowing with hope. It's my immense honor to impart that hope through biblical counseling to others, and I'm especially grateful for the many evangelistic doors it has opened. I hugely love and appreciate Faith Fellowship Church (FFC), which doesn't just have a biblical counseling center but whole-heartedly embraces biblical counseling and fully endorses the Fellowship of Biblical Counselors (FBC) as a certifying agency.

In my early life and profession I had the privilege to play in the National Hockey League, as goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers and NY Rangers. Those ten years trained me in the discipline of working together with others as a team, and taught me to keep my head on a swivel. For the last twenty-five years, as a pastor at FFC, God has been faithful in humbling me, biblically counseling me to focus on how I treat others rather than on how I'm treated. Though pride always waits at the door, tempting me to talk about what I think/believe, my prayer is that I would stay true to the Word of God which He has promised will not return void.

Brian Wright

Brian Wright


Gordon Ferm

Gordon Ferm


Mark Hager

Mark Hager

Board Member of the Fellowship of Biblical Counselors, DTh in Practical Theology (Biblical Counseling)


As former police officers with serious marital conflict, my wife Cindy and I were saved through a biblical counseling ministry. Because of our new life in Christ and a restored marriage through biblical counseling, we became interested in helping other broken and lost people in the restorative and redemptive process, armed with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. I began preparing for vocational ministry in the local church through Bible College (USAFCC to Doctoral work in biblical counseling). My training included intense pastoral mentorship and counseling by capable and skilled theologians and counselors, and I have served as a local pastor in four states (ordained in 2004), seminary professor in Kansas City (2013 to 2017), and a biblical counselor in every pastoral assignment (1996 to current).

The Fellowship of Biblical Counselors understands the importance and the biblical authority of all biblical counseling ministries within, and in submission to,thelocal church (1 Timothy 3, Titus 2, and Hebrews 13). The organization and structure of such an important ministry of God’s Word is best protected and administered within the accountable and watchful eye of God-ordained men called to care for the souls of God’s people. FBC supports the local church leadership and biblical authority of the local church as the greater authority in utilizing the gifts and resources of every local ministry of biblical counseling. I appreciate the opportunity to serve as an FBC board member and applaud the uncompromising biblical conviction of FBC.

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