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FBC offers fellowship among men and women committed to Spirit-filled living,  upholding the Word of God as all-sufficient and authoritative for life and godliness,  and relying  solely on the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ .


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FBC National Conference 2024


June 20 – 22

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Although FBC cannot guarantee it, the counselors on this listing have agreed to provide solely biblical counsel.




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Accessible by FBC Member:

  • Brochures to quickly convey hope for many situations, in either scrollable, sharable format or downloadable, printable format. 
  • Observation videos of mock counseling sessions. 

Accessible by FBC Certified Biblical Counselors:

  • All of the above
  • Printable sheets for teaching or homework to assist with many typical counseling scenarios. 

Accessible to anyone interested in online training towards FBC Biblical Counselor Certification:

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FBC Training


The goal of FBC in certifying Training Centers is to bring biblical counseling under the authority of the local church.  Directors of FBC Training Centers serve under the oversight of local church pastors/elders.

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